Dedicated to promoting & strengthening America's rural communities.

CSRC is a federal SuperPac that promotes the election of federal candidates who support policies that strengthen our nation’s rural communities.

Agriculture, health care, trade and economic development, education, infrastructure and other important issues are on the agenda in Washington, DC. Rural communities’ interests deserve to be part of the debate when these vital issues are considered. We need effective, influential advocates to protect and advance our unique needs, bringing our perspective into the conversation as legislation moves through Congress.

Our mission will be to elect federal candidates who will champion a stronger rural American agenda. CSRC will support candidates on a bi-partisan basis who meet our key criteria. The key criteria for support are:

1) Will supporting a candidate have a significant and positive impact for rural America and our communities?

2) Is the race competitive and will an independent expenditure effort play a meaningful role in terms of a candidate’s chance of winning?

For the 2020 election cycle, CSRC plans to focus on one Congressional race and support one candidate — the re-election of Congressman Collin Peterson in Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District. As the Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, he is a very powerful and important voice for rural communities and his work and leadership on rural issues is critical. Agriculture is a primary economic driver in this part of America and rural families are at the heart of stronger rural communities. Congressman Peterson has not forgotten those he serves. He remains a staunch and loyal friend of rural America, a champion for his constituents in Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District and an independent-sometimes-maverick voice for the center of America. We need Collin’s leadership to continue to make stronger rural communities.

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