Press Release: Bipartisan Record Wins Peterson Coveted U.S. Chamber Award

Congressman a “Champion for Business”

June 25, 2020 – The Committee for Stronger Rural Communities (CSRC) today released a statement in support of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce presentation of a coveted award to Rep. Collin Peterson for his record of bipartisanship.

“It should not be lost on anybody that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the voice for business in America, gave Rep. Peterson a 99 percent score for bipartisanship,” said Kelly Erickson, steering committee chair of the CSRC.

“Collin has gone to work for business owners in Minnesota’s 7th’s Congressional District over the course of his entire career. That bipartisan record and bipartisan credibility is especially important now, with these difficult economic times,” Erickson said. “Collin earned this award because he’s independent and effective, and he has demonstrated over-and-over that the path toward meaningful legislation for MN07 is across the aisle. He is bipartisan to the bone.”

The U.S. Chamber presented Peterson with the Jefferson-Hamilton Award for Bipartisanship in order to honor his record of “forging common-sense sense solutions, working across the aisle, to enact lasting and meaningful reforms,” according to a statement by U.S. Chamber President Suzanne Clark. 

About the CSRC

A bipartisan committee, CSRC champions a policy agenda to strengthen rural America by supporting federal candidates who can make a significant, positive impact on rural America. In 2020, CSRC is focusing on the reelection of Rep. Collin Peterson, MN-7, because of his leadership and record of accomplishment on rural issues.