Press Release: CSRC Rural Report Card: Peterson a Bipartisan Leader on Ag Policy

Peterson Delivers Benefits to MN-07’s Ag-Based Economy

Oct. 29, 2020 – The Committee for Stronger Rural Communities released the third and final installment of its 2020 Rural Report Card series, focusing on the importance of the Farm Bill and the benefits that Rep. Collin Peterson delivers to Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District as House Agriculture Chairman.

“Agriculture is everything to the economy of MN-07. A strong farm economy grows our local communities, because the buck doesn’t stop at the farm gate. When farmers do well, they’re supporting more local businesses, so a strong Farm Bill is really important. And MN-07 is represented in Congress now by the Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, who writes the Farm Bill,” said Kelly Erickson, CSRC steering committee chairman. “We cannot overstate the value of Rep. Collin Peterson’s record on farm and livestock policy, to the benefit of every household and small business in MN-07. He is a champion for Minnesota farmers.” 

In its final report card for 2020, the CSRC breaks down the value of the 2018 Farm Bill, of which Peterson was a principal architect. The Rural Report Card also examines Peterson’s oversight record on agricultural issues, including ethanol, disaster aid, and helping the meatpacking industry overcome COVID-19.

“We know that Collin Peterson is the best choice in Congress to chair the Agriculture Committee because of his grasp of and dedication to agriculture. He has proven himself over and over again, and that’s why we’re sending him back to Congress, to keep working for Minnesota agriculture,” Erickson said.

To download a copy of the CSRC Farm Bill Rural Report Card, click here.

About the CSRC:

A bipartisan committee, CSRC champions a policy agenda to strengthen rural America by supporting federal candidates who can make a significant, positive impact on rural America. In 2020, CSRC is focusing on the reelection of Rep. Collin Peterson, MN-07, because of his leadership and record of accomplishment on rural issues.