Press Release: Pre-Election Day Endorsements of Peterson

Key News Organizations Line Up Behind Peterson

Nov. 2, 2020 – In a final pre-Election Day statement, the Committee for Stronger Rural Communities released a list of organizations recently endorsing the re-election of Rep. Collin Peterson, MN-07, and added a final statement of endorsement of its own, following:

“The people at the heart of Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District know and respect Rep. Collin Peterson for what he is – a tough, independent-minded lawmaker who has always looked out for our interests here, from lowering prescription drug prices for seniors to leveling the playing field for our farmers,” said Kelly Erickson, CSRC steering committee chairman. “We strongly endorse Rep. Peterson for re-election because he is the only one in the race with the record of independence, effectiveness and knowledge on the issues that matter to us here in MN07.”

Key News Organization Endorsements:

In a piece headlined “Fischbach Absurd,” Fargo Forum columnist Jack Zaleski notes that Peterson’s opponent has “newfound affinity for the 7th” that “does not comport with her long-standing Twin Cities orientation, her big-money lobbying and legislative shenanigans…” Zaleski goes on to point out that Peterson’s “…only ambition has been to represent the people of the 7th” and that his service “reflects the character and needs of his district…”

In a recap of its earlier endorsement of Peterson, The Fargo Forum noted today that “Voters should once again return Rep. Collin Peterson for another term. A “Blue Dog” Democrat, Peterson is not the liberal caricature his GOP opponent makes him out to be, as voters in the Seventh know full well. He’s a maverick who departs from the party line often, and he has unsurpassed expertise and influence in farm policy, as chairman of the House Agriculture Committee. We need his voice of reason in Congress.”

The Star Tribune’s endorsement noted that Peterson is the first Minnesotan to ever serve as chairman of the powerful Agriculture Committee, noting that no district has more at stake in choosing a House member than MN-07.  Peterson’s “…expertise in rural issues affecting all parts of America give him wide credibility on Capitol Hill, as does his exceptional reputation for bipartisanship and independence,” the editorial states.

An op-ed published in the Grand Forks Herald hails Peterson as “Minnesota’s health care hero.” Peterson was personally responsible for winning $103 billion in new Medicare funding for rural hospitals, negotiating with the GOP chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. There are 77 Critical Access Hospitals in Minnesota which benefit from that bipartisan deal.

  • “If we vote him out of office, we will lose an independent, tough-minded and powerful lawmaker who puts the people of the 7th first – before any president, before any party.”

About the CSRC:

A bipartisan committee, CSRC champions a policy agenda to strengthen rural America by supporting federal candidates who can make a significant, positive impact on rural America. In 2020, CSRC is focusing on the reelection of Rep. Collin Peterson, MN-07, because of his leadership and record of accomplishment on rural issues.